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Anja Dobrijevic, MSc

Anja is a PhD student who obtained her Bachelors in Molecular Biology and Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine from University of Graz, Austria. She gained lab experience during her student exchange and research stay at the St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas and during her Bachelor and Master Thesis which were focused on lipid metabolism and metabolic disease. Continuing with this research field, she joined Omar Sharif’s lab in October 2021. The goal of her project is to investigate the function of lipid associated macrophage (LAM) receptors in obesity related diseases, focusing on adipose tissue and liver physiology.

Anna Gemza, MSc

Anna completed her Bachelor's degree in Microbiology and Genetics at the University of Vienna. In March 2020, she continued with a Master's degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna. For her Master thesis, Anna moved to Sweden to join the research group of Prof. Jonas Larsson at the Lund Stem Cell Centre. The goal of her project was to identify and characterize novel genetic regulators of umbilical cord blood-derived hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which would enable ex vivo expansion of functional HSCs for their subsequent use in the clinics. After completing her Master's, Anna joined the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Immuno-metabolism and Systems Biology of Obesity Related Diseases as a PhD student in October 2022. Her PhD project aims to investigate the impact of the secretome of dying adipocytes and hepatocytes as well as their efferocytic uptake on macrophage reprogramming.

Ana Korosec, MSc

Ana studied Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna and obtained her Master’s degree in 2013. She worked as a research technician at the Research Centre for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (CeMM) for 2.5 years and as a staff scientist in the group of Dr. Beate M. Lichtenberger at the Department for Dermatology of the Medical University of Vienna for 6 years. There, she studied the role of fibroblasts in various skin cancers. Since October 2021, Ana works as a senior scientist in Omar Sharif’s research group.