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David SAUER - Colloquia in Cellular Signaling


16. Juni 2023
11:00 - 12:00

Centre for Medicines Discovery
PI of Membrane Protein Structural and Chemical Biology
University of Oxford
Old Road Campus Research Build
Roosevelt Dr, Headington
Oxford OX3 7 DQ
Website David Sauer


”Import and pathophysiology of carboxylate and amino acid transporters”

TCA cycle intermediates and amino acids are both nutrients and signalling molecules essential to life. These compounds are imported across the plasma membrane by a number of membrane transporters, including proteins in the SLC6 and SLC13 gene families. Underlining their biomedical importance, mutations in transporters SIT1 (SLC6A20), NaDC3 (SLC13A3), and NaCT (SLC13A5) are associated with various neurological disorders. To understand the proteins’ mechanisms of transport, we determined structures of SIT1, NaCT, and bacterial homologs of the DASS family. These results provide a framework to explain how mutations abolish transport activity and thereby cause SLC13A5-Epilepsy, iminoglycinuria, and other conditions.

Host: Sonja SUCIC

Contact for questions: Helmut KUBISTA