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Christoph FAHLKE - Colloquia in Physiology & Vascular Biology


09. Juni 2023
13:00 - 14:00

Medical University Vienna, Center for Physiology and Pharmacology,
Institute of Physiology, Schwarzspanierstrasse 17, 1090 Vienna

Großer Hörsaal Physiologie (big lecture hall Physiology)

Christoph FAHLKE
Institute of Biological Information Processing
Molecular and Cellular Physiology (IBI-1)
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52428 Jülich
Website Christoph Fahlke


”Regulation of intracellular chloride concentrations”

Chloride is the main physiological anion. There are various secondary-active Cl- transporters that generate gradients across surface membranes and the membranes of intracellular compartments, which are utilized in multiple cellular processes. In the central nervous system, inhibitory synaptic transmission requires low [Cl-]int in postsynaptic neurons. At excitatory synapses, changes in [Cl-]int may alter glutamate loading of synaptic vesicles and affect its release. In neurons and glial cells, GABA uptake is stoichiometrically coupled to Cl- transport. In all cells, Cl- fluxes through channels or transporters are necessary for volume regulatory processes, and high lysosomal [Cl-] appears to support membrane integrity. The talk will summarize report recent work of my laboratory on mechanisms that regulate cytoplasmic and organelle [Cl-] in glial cells, in synaptic vesicles and in lysosome. Special emphasis will be on the role of neurotransmitter transporters and on alterations of [Cl-] in human diseases.

Host: Harald SITTE

Contact for questions: Helmut KUBISTA